File/Media Formats

There are thousands of computer applications. Each produce a unique file. We call this a "native" file. For example, Microsoft Word creates a ".doc" file. To help you save money and time, we prefer a standard file format produced by our print driver below.

 Easier than e-mail! Open your document, and print it to us. Simply select the "Lightning Press" printer. BONUS you will see an immediate proof! Ready? Follow steps 1 and 2 below.

Step 1.

Download Print Driver

Step 2. Print Your File

  How to Use File > Print with your application
Questions? Please call us at 973-890-4422.

 BONUS! Printing your file to us also generates a proof for you in minutes. You can view, print, even OK the proof! That means no waiting, no guesswork, and no worry. It's a safe, secure way to avoid problems.

Alternative Method - 3 Steps
(No instant proof)

Send your native application files to us.

Step 1.

Be sure to include your fonts and image files. We need them to print your job correctly.

Step 2.

Compress your files with Stuffit, WinZip, etc. They will transfer faster to save you time. (If you can't compress your file that's OK, we can help. Just go to Step 3.

Step 3.

Attach your file here: File Transfer page

Note: Remember to include all your fonts and images and compress your files first.

Questions? Please call us at 973-890-4422.