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  • Bind short edge 

  • ERROR - PLEASE CORRECT! Minimum TOTAL PAGES is 12-18 and Maximum is 1046-1530 depending on PAPER TYPE.

  • Cover printing 

  • Leatherette — Skivertex® Kidskin*

    Skivertex® Kidskin is a high quality embossed leather-like material that brings out a sophisticated rich appearance to your book.

    Skivertex Black Kidskin 5621
    Black Kidskin 5621
    Skivertex White Kidskin 5636
    White Kidskin 5636
    Skivertex Red Kidskin 5602
    Red Kidskin 5602
    Skivertex Maroon Kidskin 5604
    Maroon Kidskin 5604
    Skivertex Med Blue Kidskin 5616
    Med Blue Kidskin 5616
    Skivertex DK Blue Kidskin 5618
    DK Blue Kidskin 5618
    Skivertex Putty Kidskin 5609
    Putty Kidskin 5609
    Skivertex Brown Kidskin 5606
    Brown Kidskin 5606
    Skivertex Kelly Green Kidskin 5626
    Kelly Green Kidskin 5626
    Skivertex Hunter Kidskin 5628
    Hunter Kidskin 5628

    Cloth — Arrestox®*

    Arrestox® is a natural cotton cloth material available in vellum and linen textures, giving you a quality, durable and elegant book.

    Arrestox B Black Vellum 19990
    Black Vellum 19990
    Arrestox B White Linen 15000
    White Linen 15000
    Arrestox B Chili Pepper Linen 63200
    Chili Pepper Linen 63200
    Arrestox B Mahogany Vellum 68000
    Mahogany Vellum 68000
    Arrestox B Blue Ribbon Linen 42600
    Blue Ribbon Linen 42600
    Arrestox B Navy Vellum 48650
    Navy Vellum 48650
    Arrestox B Canvas Linen 10050
    Canvas Linen 10050
    Arrestox B French Roast Vellum 39500
    French Roast Vellum 39500
    Arrestox B Fern Linen 53500
    Fern Linen 53500
    Arrestox B Hunter Vellum 59000
    Hunter Vellum 59000

    *These representations of our standard colors are dependent on your monitor type and calibration. Click on colors to see greater detail.
    Other colors may be available for special order.

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  • Shrink wrap 

  • Proof/Set-Up

  • File resubmission costs

    Revised Cover/Text $49
    Revised Cover Only $29
    Revised Text Only $29

    Our automated workflow saves you money and requires PDF files created to our specifications. This ensures a smooth production without delays and alleviates additional charges. Your files are reviewed, pre-flight checked, and analyzed for common errors. Our special software then positions your file according to the job specifications and prepares for output on the appropriate digital printing press. If errors are found you will be contacted for corrected file resubmission. Additional charges may be applied and may be avoided by following our file requirements.

    File Requirements

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