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  • Hardcover Cost
  • Bind short edge 
  • ERROR - PLEASE CORRECT! Minimum TOTAL PAGES is 14-22 and Maximum is 874-1280 depending on PAPER TYPE.

  • Cover printing 
  • Hot Stamping Metallic Foils*

    Hot stamping foils are pressed into book covers using heat and pressure while leaving an elegant impression to your book.

    Gold Metallic Foil S23
    Gold Metallic Foil S23
    Silver Metallic Foil S7
    Silver Metallic Foil S7
    Copper Metallic Foil B36
    Copper Metallic Foil B36
    Blue Metallic Foil 42
    Blue Metallic Foil 42
    Red Metallic Foil 88
    Red Metallic Foil 88
    Green Metallic Foil 75
    Green Metallic Foil 75
    Black Gloss Foil 900
    Black Gloss Foil 900

    *These representations of our standard colors are dependent on your monitor type and calibration. Click on colors to see greater detail.
    Other colors may be available for special order.

  • Leatherette – Advantage 9*

    Advantage 9 is a distinctive line of non-woven cover material that is latex-saturated with an aqueous acrylic topcoat. It offers a high quality embossed leather-like material that brings out a sophisticated rich appearance to your book.

    Advantage Black Kidskin 899
    Black Kidskin 899
    Advantage White Kidskin 801
    White Kidskin 801
    Advantage Maroon Kidskin 885
    Maroon Kidskin 885
    Advantage Cranberry Kidskin 880
    Cranberry Kidskin 880
    Advantage Navy Kidskin 870
    Navy Kidskin 870
    Advantage Sapphire Kidskin 865
    Sapphire Kidskin 865
    Advantage Hunter Kidskin 840
    Hunter Kidskin 840
    Advantage Matte Black Goat 800
    Matte Black Goat 800

    Cloth – Allure®*

    Allure® is a polycotton blend fabric cover material with an aqueous acrylic coating. This collection contains deep, rich vellums and natural linens, giving you a quality, durable and elegant book. Meets or exceeds the Group B cloth specifications for tear resistance and abrasion resistance.

    Allure Black V0805
    Black Vellum V0805
    Allure Canvas L0810
    Canvas Linen L0810
    Allure Scarlet V0829
    Scarlet Vellum V0829
    Allure Flare V0827
    Flare Vellum V0827
    Allure Blue L0807
    Blue Linen L0807
    Allure Skylight L0820
    Skylight Linen L0820
    Allure Fern Linen L0837
    Fern Linen L0837
    Allure Mudpie L0814
    Mudpie Linen L0814

    *These representations of our standard colors are dependent on your monitor type and calibration. Click on colors to see greater detail.
    Contact us for other color availability.

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  • Shrink wrap 
  • Proof/Set-Up
  • Foil Stamped Proof 
  • File Requirements

    File resubmission costs

    • Revised Cover Only $29
    • Revised Text Only $29

    Our automated workflow saves you money when PDF files are created to our guidelines. This ensures a smooth production without delays and alleviates additional charges. Your files are reviewed, pre-flight checked, and analyzed for common errors. Our special software then positions your file according to the job specifications and prepares for output on the appropriate digital printing press. If errors are found you will be contacted for corrected file resubmission. Additional charges may be applied and may be avoided by following our file requirements.

    Need to Talk?
    If you have questions and need to speak with someone, please call us at 973-890-4422, or Email Us.

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  • Estimated production days below are calculated as Monday–Friday. Please let us know if you have a special deadline. Remember to add shipping delivery time from New Jersey.

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